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Same Day Servicing, Ecowash Degrease
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Recommended every 6 - 9 months

  • Check Tightness
  • Check Wear
  • Check Alignment
  • Headset Bearings Checked & Adjusted
  • Bottom Bracket Bearings Checked
  • Wheel Bearings Checked
  • Ecosafe Washer Degrease
    • Derailleurs
    • Chain
    • Cassette / Freewheel
    • Crankset
  • Frame Cleaned
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Brakes Adjusted
  • Gears Adjusted
  • True & Tensions Wheels on Bike
  • Lubrication
  • Test Ride & Inspection

Please Note: Price on Website is Indicative Only & we reserve the right to Assess bike when presented In Store

Same Day Servicing:
Ecowash Degrease:

Pre-Service Check

Brakes Operated & Evaluated:
Control-lever Position Recorded:
Gears Operated & Evaluated:
Seat Height Recorded:
Stem Height Recored:

Check Tightness

Check Tightness Brake Levers:
Check Tightness Brakes & Brake Mounts:
Check Tightness Cassette:
Check Tightness Cranks:
Check Tightness Gear Levers:
Check Tightness Handlebar Stem:
Check Tightness Pedals:
Check Tightness Seat:
Check Tightness Seat Post:
Check Tightness Suspension Pivots:

Check Wear

Check Wear Bottom Bracket:
Check Wear Brake Cable- Front:
Check Wear Brake Cable- Rear:
Check Wear Cassette / Freewheel:
Check Wear Chain:
Check Wear Chainrings:
Check Wear Forks:
Check Wear Gear Cable- Front :
Check Wear Gear Cable- Rear:
Check Wear Handlebar Stem:
Check Wear Handlebars:
Check Wear Headset:
Check Wear Pedals:
Check Wear Seat:
Check Wear Seat Post:
Check Wear Suspension Pivots:
Check Wear Tyre- Front:
Check Wear Tyre- Rear:
Check Wear Wheel- Front:
Check Wear Wheel- Rear:

Check Alignment

Check Alignment Derailleur- Front:
Check Alignment Derailleur- Rear:
Check Alignment Forks:
Check Alignment Frame:
Check Alignment Handlebars:
Check Alignment Wheels:


Adjust Bottom Bracket:
Adjust Headset:
Check Front Wheel Cones:
Check Rear Wheel Cones:
Service Bottom Bracket:
Service Front Wheel Hub:
Service Headset:
Service Rear Wheel Hub:


Adjust Brakes- Front:
Adjust Brakes- Rear:
Adjust Derailleur- Front:
Adjust Derailleur- Rear:


Inflate Tyres:
True Front Wheel - In Jig:
True Front Wheel - On Bike:
True Rear Wheel - In Jig:
True Rear Wheel- On Bike:

EcoSafe Washer Degrease

Remove Cassette / Freewheel:
Remove Chain:
Remove Crankset:
Remove Derailleur- Front:
Remove Derailleur- Rear:
Degrease Cassette / Freewheel:
Degrease Chain:
Degrease Crankset:
Degrease Derailleur- Front:
Degrease Derailleur- Rear:
Clean Frame:
Clean Wheels:


Lubricate Brake Cables:
Lubricate Brake Levers:
Lubricate Chain:
Lubricate Derailleur- Front:
Lubricate Derailleur- Rear:
Lubricate Gear Cables:
Lubricate Gear Levers:


Grease Handlebar Stem:
Grease Seat Post:

Test Ride & Inspection

Brakes- Noise:
Brakes- Stopping Power:
Derailleurs- Overshifting:
Derailleurs- Shifting:
Drivechain- Underload:
Seat Height Checked:
Stem Height Checked:
Unusual Noises: