At King Street Cyclery Service Centre, we take pride in our workshop, as well as our range of after market parts & accessories available for you and your bike. From recreational riders to commuters, or road bikes to down hill bikes, we have the parts & accessories you need or we can get them for you.

We stock a wide range of parts & accessories from a large range of wholesalers.


We stock a wide range of parts for all bicycle braking & gearings systems. We have a wide range of parts available, as well as a huge range of tools to suit the home mechanic or professional bicycle mechanic.


With our staff being some of the most qualified in the country, we have experience and knowledge when it comes to knowing what parts and tools to keep in-store for your convience.

We have heaps of wheels in stock or we’ll professionally HAND BUILD the wheel of your choice with wheel building being one of our specialities. Nothing beats a professionally hand built wheel!